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New day, new MSN UK homepage

Front page unveiled - and now the rest of the site follows

By Pete Clifton 17/11/2011 08:00

Hi all -


A new day dawns and with it our re-launched MSN UK homepage. I really hope you like it!


The fresh designs are all part of a new approach on the site, highlighting great original, multi-media content and really upping our game around real-time coverage.


I've been talking a fair bit about this over the past few days, and you can also see some of our videos explaining the approach if you go to the Welcome to the new MSN video page.


So we are pleased with progress so far, but there is still a lot to do.


As I mentioned last night, the homepage is in place but we are now waiting for around 6,000 other pages to convert to our new designs. This is a lengthy process and it is taking longer than we had hoped. And while it is happening, our team in the newsroom has to pretty much sit back and wait for it to complete.


We are monitoring progress and looking out for obvious bugs. And in the meantime, there will be a mix of old style pages and new ones, and examples of the navigation corrupting as the process goes on.


So you are seeing the new site unfolding before your eyes. It will mean some pages are clearly "under construction", and there may be some broken links. But the pages are steadily working through the system and we'll get there!


And things should look brilliant when it is done. This story Man held over White House shooting and this one The Saturdays quizzed on their own lyrics give you an idea of where the design is heading.


I'll keep you up to date and feel free to send your feedback in the meantime.


Best wishes, Pete






17/11/2011 10:46
So far I don't like it. Lack of comment availability, (? Censoship). heavy reliance on newspaper stories, ie blue lobster & others, click on & you are given a choice of papers to read the story from also lack of comment. I have MSN as my homepage so that I can read stories & comment if I want, I can also read others comments from MSN readers. Most of the stories have no comment facility, without this I may well change my homepage, STOP CENSORING US!!!
17/11/2011 17:27

who ever designed this new site shpould be fired!!!!!!!!!!!!     msn uk where have the comments gone !!!!!!!!!!!!

I too will not return if we the users can not make comments!!

pull your f1nger out msn!!!!

17/11/2011 11:01

Still overloaded with celeb rubbish.  Why ?  I , like many people, have no interest in what some orange coloured  female is  wittering on about, or  what some silly boy singer is doing.



17/11/2011 11:03

I'm all for change, but only if for the better.

What a mess! Totally agree with last post. Biggest gripe? ..... get rid of that continual scrolling news headline thing (just under Hotmail Inbox), or at least give us the option to hide it.



17/11/2011 10:50

Its an absolute mess !!  

Why change it was fine the way it was,  We really should be given the option to stay with the original or have the new. 

How/where do I change the colour of my homepage ?  

Not that it can really be called mine as you keep changing things !!

17/11/2011 16:55

Nice updated site but where have the comments gone? used to love commenting on stories and reading other comments, If this does not return then i wont be coming back.

28/11/2011 20:18

Pete Clifton


You wanted feedback .


Since you withdrew the facility to comment on news articles, I'm sure you must have noticed that the articles are being visited far less frequently than before.  (Last comment before this - 9 days ago, which, given that this is one of the few articles on which comments are allowed, seems to be a pretty big thumbs down.


Pretty sure your advertisers have noticed too - since they seem to have disappeared. All of which makes me wonder how MSN are funding the site and how they can afford to pay you.


If it was your idea to change the format and withdraw the facility to comment, I'd be worried for my job.





19/11/2011 18:58
Pete Clifton; Still looks the same as it did on Thursday when you said give it a few hours etc. Saturday evening now, still confusing, still lack of comment availability on most of the more "serious" content. I know some of the comments are contentious but that is surely the point.
17/11/2011 14:54
I preferred having the twitter and facebook updates on the Home Page, I cant see it anywhere now... is this something that is going to be added?
17/11/2011 11:01
Where can I find the Facebook and Twitter tabs that used to be on the right hand side??  Confused

It is not good design and the lack of comments is a really bad idea. I may disagree with a lot of the comments and find some of them absurd or based in prejudice and factually incorrect, but I can always reply. Please bring back the comments!

17/11/2011 11:48

(Posted this on your last blog post, but reposting here as the header problem is on all new pages including the two links you posted as finished articles - the MSN logo redirects to the American MSN site, thought you might need to know - Cheers, Ali).


Good job. Loving how clean the new look is.


Couple of things though.


The MSN logo on some of the pages redirects to the (USA) web site. Take a look at a news article to see this. Might be just down to the rollout but thought you might like to know as those pages look done.


Also, as clean as the new look is, every page looks the same. Take a look at the Dutch MSN site ( - they work with the same clean design but each channel is colour coded to give it an identity. With the new MSN design (and with the last one) you could literally be on any page and not know where you are. Colour coding each channel might go some way towards addressing that.


Anyway, just a thought. Loving the new homepage though, very clean and feels much more editorial and an active site now with rolling news and stories.

so no comments allowed, **** useless page full of crap stories and celeb no bodies designed for pre teens I think
13/07/2013 18:02

I Do not want uk home page it is for the younger people never liked the old one do not want uk home page.

 now explain to me when you alterd my msn home from the US  page and forced me to have the uk version why is it When I go on line I cannot access us one.


now to tell the reasons why I want the US version I can alter it to suit my needs.

I realy am peeved at what you have done because I try to go with Microsoft all the way in all things.

I am English born & bred however  and proud of it you people are coming the Great British crap which meens I have got to do what you want  no thank you if nothing alters in the near future then i wil sign out and go elsewhere

17/11/2011 13:30

Hi Ali - thanks for the note, much appreciated. Things are settling down a bit now, and over the next couple of hours you should see things like the headers sorting themselves out. The logo redirect was a blip as the pages got amended, and that is OK again now.


When everything is in order, you should see that there is a colour code around each channel, and we also reflect this in a subtle way on the homepage. I like our channel homepages to share all the good stuff, but I don't want them all looking exactly the same.


Anyhow, keep up the feedback!

17/11/2011 11:28

Hi - thanks for your comments so far. As I said, a lot of pages are still being converted so you won't get a complete view of the changes and what they really look like until this afternoon.


Once the dust has settled, we'll go through your feedback and give some clear responses to the main themes. Thanks, Pete

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