Receive Windows Live Alerts from MSN UK straight to Messenger, e-mail or mobile

  • Windows Live Alerts

    Windows Live Alerts is a free service that notifies you of breaking news, promotional offers and reminders for important dates that you set for yourself via Messenger, e-mail or directly to your mobile.

Messenger alerts
  • MeeGos

    MeeGos Alerts will let you know whenever cool new content is available, such as special offers and FREE days.

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  • WeeMee

    Get WeeMee alerts to ensure your WeeMee on Messenger is the most up to date dude around.

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Hotmail alerts
  • Hotmail alerts

    Never forget an important date again, sign up to the Hotmail Alert to send yourself reminders about important dates.

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  • MyKindAPlace

    MyKindAPlace is now offering you the chance to stay ahead of your mates with juicy celeb gossip, exclusive interview and much more.

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News alerts
  • The Telegraph

    Get breaking news, sports scores and world-class opinion from The Telegraph delivered directly to Messenger.

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  • Reuters

    Get Reuters alerts and stay up to date with top world, sports, entertainment and business news as it happens.

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Gadget alerts
Fun alerts
  • MyOffers

    MyOffers are now offering Alerts! Be sure to never miss out on the fantastic competitions that are available from MyOffers!

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  • TotalFilm

    Join up to receive the glorious gift of our movie news or forever be belittled by precocious children in discussions about what's going on movie land.

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  • RSS

    Keep up to date with all the latest news, reviews, videos and blogs straight to your desktop from your favourite MSN channels.

  • Alerts

    Get all the latest news and special offers when you sign up for Windows Live alerts from our partners including Total Film, MyOffers, The Ministry of Sound and Absolute Radio.

  • Twitter

    Are you part of the Twitterati? Why not follow the MSN channels and editors and stay up-to-date with all our latest tweets.

  • Facebook

    Get all the latest gossip, news, photos and videos from the MSN channel teams on our Facebook fan pages. Show your appreciation now!

  • Blogs

    Catch up with all the latest opinions and comment from the MSN team on our channel and reality TV blogs.


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