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Reg's pirate shed

Jammed to the rafters with seafaring ephemera, Reg's pirate-themed shed has the local kids convinced that he's the genuine article.

Reg painting decking

Reg's top tip:

Inspired by The Pirates Of The Caribbean film and a life-long enthusiasm for all things piratical, Reg Miller has created an incredible shed-come-ship, complete with koi carp pond, aviary, dead man's chest and plenty of other treasures. Constructed entirely from reclaimed and recycled materials and named after Reg's Worthing-born wife (The Lady Sarah Out Of Worthing), the pirate cabin is surrounded by tropical plants and makes a fantastic venue for rum-drinking, card-playing and plenty more timber-shivering action...

Find out more about the The Lady Sarah Out Of Worthing, visit the Readerssheds.co.uk site.

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