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How to use Cuprinol Hardwood Furniture Oil

Keep hardwood furniture looking beautiful year after year with Cuprinol’s Hardwood Furniture Oil – follow Songs from the Shed owner, Jon Earl’s step-by-step guide…

Regular applications of Cuprinol's Hardwood Furniture Oil will maintain the appearance of your wooden outdoor furniture and keep the wood from greying. It's a high-performance treatment that works in three ways: waxes increase water repellency, oils penetrate to replace natural oils lost through weathering, and fungicides minimise mould regrowth. Here's how to use it...

Cuprinol Hardwood Furniture Oil


1) Before you start, make sure that the surfaces you'll be applying the product to are clean and dry. Remove any excessive dirt or patches of algae with a stiff brush or scraper.
2) Apply two light coats with a brush or rag, allowing the first coat to penetrate the wood before applying a second coat. Allow to dry thoroughly for 24 hours before use.

Get more information about Cuprinol Hardwood Furniture Oil and usage tips on the Cuprinol website.

Jon's top tip

Jon's top tip:

"If the furniture you want to oil is grey and weathered, consider restoring it with Cuprinol Garden Furniture Restorer first. This will bring back its natural colour. Then use Cuprinol Hardwood Furniture Oil over the top to keep it looking good".

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